Delivering access to clean renewable energy from a mobile device.
Pre-pay technology unlocks the vast potential of the emerging markets.

What is ImpactPPA?

ImpactPPA is a blockchain based technology platform that will transform the global energy marketplace allowing consumers of energy to “Pre-Pay” for electricity from a mobile device. ImpactPPA uses the power of the blockchain to provide a payment rail for investors, project developers, service providers, governments utility companies and others driven from a trusted and transparent platform. The ImpactPPA solution also allows for the unbanked population of the world to gain identity and reputation through transacting on the platform for the most basic of needs – electricity.

How it works?


Utility scale or Micro-Grids deployed in over 35 countries, power is generated, stored and delivered.

Power flows to a smart meter

Power flows to a smart meter which is connected to the blockchain.

mobile device

Consumers of electricity interact with their smart meter and purchase power from a mobile device.

Current projects

Harit Khadi

ImpactPPA announced that it is now working with the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises in India on a project to restart the Indian textile industry called Harit Khadi. Harit Khadi, when fully deployed, is designed to employ over 50,000,000 women in the cotton processing industry. As designed, ImpactPPA will provide the renewable energy generation and blockchain technology for the project. The project officially kicks off in Q3 of 2018.



ImpactPPA recently completed installing 160KW’s in the city of Les Irois, Haiti. The town had been without power for 2 years since Hurricane Matthew. 160KW’s powers roughly 1/3 of Les Irois and there are plans to expand the installation for 100% coverage. This is the 1st of 42 cities on the West Coast of Haiti that we expect to be installing through our partnership with Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA). The homes and businesses will be set up with smart meters and the power generation and payment will be managed by ImpactPPA’s technology.


Project Pipeline


Earth Day Network – 50×50

ImpactPPA and Earth Day Network (EDN) have entered into an agreement to provide 50 socially impactful renewable energy projects by EDN’s 50th anniversary in 2020.
In their first project together, ImpactPPA and EDN will provide a renewable energy system to the Edna Adan Hospital in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The hospital provides maternity care and treatment to over 21,000 women throughout Africa.

For more info on the project check out our video here:

To submit projects for consideration to the 50X50 team, email us at:



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Energy Currency


The GEN Credit


The GEN Credit

The stable global currency that is sold to energy consumers as the gateway to the smart meter. GEN Credit value is pegged to USD and the price of energy in the local market is reconciled at smart meter/blockchain. GEN Credits are purchased in Fiat at a local store or kiosk