Bringing clean, renewable energy
to the people who need it most


Winner of 1 of the Top 3 Most Promising Token Sales
At the North American Bitcoin Conference 2018



Pollution happens when nature cannot destroy something without hurting itself, meaning anything it did not create. Fossil fuels, radioactivity, methane
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How a Clean Energy Entrepreneur is Betting on Blockchain

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ImpactPPA Announces Agreement with Earth Day Network to Promote Clean Energy

WASHINGTON (PRWEB) MARCH 15, 2018 ImpactPPA (IPP) and Earth Day Network (EDN) today announced that they have entered into an agreement to promote the use
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Vinay Gupta Joins ImpactPPA Advisory Board

ImpactPPA announces today the addition of Vinay Gupta, CEO of and former release coordinator for the Ethereum Foundation, to their
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ImpactPPA Welcomes Dr. Michael Dorsey As Newest Advisor

ImpactPPA, an Ethereum-based organization today announces Dr. Michael Dorsey as the latest addition to its advisory roster. ImpactPPA leverages Ethereum’s
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ImpactPPA takes home top honors at the North American Bitcoin Conference

MIAMI, Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ImpactPPA ( today announced it was selected as one of the top three
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Bringing Renewable Energy to the World Using Blockchain Technology

Modern energy services are vital to human well-being and to a country’s economic development, yet according to the International Energy Agency(IEA),
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ImpactPPA announces blockchain platform to disrupt energy finance

ImpactPPA announces blockchain platform to disrupt energy finance Decentralized energy platform company, ImpactPPA today announced the launch of its blockchain technology
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How the technology behind bitcoin could change your life

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ImpactPPA bringing blockchain to renewable energy finance

The platform and tokenization model allows SmartPPA users to fund and deploy clean energy solutions by using the crowd and
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What is ImpactPPA?

ImpactPPA is an Ethereum-based decentralized energy platform that will transform the global energy finance industry. ImpactPPA uses the power of the blockchain to bring together capital and consumers in a way that is direct, responsive, and expedient. ImpactPPA solves the problem created by legacy financial institutions of too much bureaucracy, cost and infrastructure to effectively and efficiently provide solutions that work!


Reaches beyond the grid

Distributed energy solutions that bring electrical generation directly to the point of use.


Mitigates climate change

Renewables reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and help offset global carbon emissions.


Changes lives

Clean, renewable energy transforms lives. By charging a cellphone, providing a light, or refrigerating vaccines, distributed power can help people reach new heights.


Bypasses legacy
financial institutions

By using blockchain and Smart Contract technology, ImpactPPA opens the bottleneck created by NGOs and government agencies that have traditionally controlled energy financing


Eliminates layers
of bureaucracy

The SmartPPA is an open and transparent platform that connects energy projects, community token holders, and energy users together to make a difference.



By eliminating intermediaries, ImpactPPA can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get from proposal to production, achieving results in months instead of years.

The ImpactPPA Model
ImpactPPA uses a token model for financing projects, giving the token-holding community a voice in the conversation about which projects should be funded. The goal is to achieve “Impact Equilibrium,” a financial state at which revenues from implemented PPAs flow back into the system, creating a pool of capital that is used to fund future projects.

The SmartPPA
The Smart PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is the core of the platform allowing anyone, anywhere to create a proposal for a project of any size or technology. Using the SmartPPA platform, a user specifies the requirements for a project and submits it to the ImpactPPA community whether it is an individual business owner who wants reliable energy to keep a factory running or a nation seeking to provide power to its people, the SmartPPA is the portal to energy solutions of all kinds.


Energy Currency

The MPQ token


The MPQ token

The MPQ token is poised to become the energy finance mechanism of the global economy. Governed by the Smart Contract, the MPQ Token gives purchasers a voice in where and how their resources will be deployed.

The GEN Credit


The GEN Credit

The GEN Credit is the energy currency that is exchanged by end users or proxies to purchase the energy created by the generation systems. The GEN Credit is used to insure delivery of energy, manage storage devices, create interconnected data networks, and enable new economic models, all managed by the Smart Contracts and the blockchain.