Pollution happens when nature cannot destroy something without hurting itself, meaning anything it did not create. Fossil fuels, radioactivity, methane gas, plastic, toxic chemicals—once dumped, these things sit in nature, in the sky or ground or water, damaging the environments they now occupy. Pollution is one of the most dangerous and imminent threats facing the world today. Clean freshwater is … Read More

Can Blockchain Be Used To Improve Charitable Giving?

DAVID WITHER | 13 DAYS AGO Do you want to know something that’s a total bummer? Charitable giving is not as charitable as it could be. Some organizations are overwhelmed with mismanagement, bad records, and lost funds. Others are outright greedy and don’t give what they promise they will. Reader’s Digest gives the example of the Association for Firefighters and Paramedics: “which paid a fundraising … Read More

How a Clean Energy Entrepreneur is Betting on Blockchain

Dan Bates strives to provide energy to the powerless 1.2 billion people on earth as quickly as possible. By Darren HeitnerFounder, Heitner Legal@DarrenHeitner Clean energy doesn’t seem to be a priority anymore for many institutions. The process of implementing clean energy technology is extremely complicated and frustrating for inventors, which can prevent their ideas from seeing the light of day. There are 1.2 billion people around … Read More