ImpactPPA Welcomes Dr. Michael Dorsey As Newest Advisor

ImpactPPA, an Ethereum-based organization today announces Dr. Michael Dorsey as the latest addition to its advisory roster. ImpactPPA leverages Ethereum’s decentralized ledger to create Smart Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) which fuel the development of sustainable projects, such as building Wind Turbines or Solar Farms. Built on the Ethereum platform, ImpactPPA will sell its MPQ Token for funding projects. ImpactPPA will … Read More

ImpactPPA takes home top honors at the North American Bitcoin Conference

MIAMI, Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ImpactPPA ( today announced it was selected as one of the top three most promising Token Sales at this year’s North American Bitcoin Conference. 114 companies were in competition for the award and a share of the $100,000 prize money.  ImpactPPA’s model for tokenizing energy generation and distribution was selected by the competition’s … Read More

Bringing Renewable Energy to the World Using Blockchain Technology

Modern energy services are vital to human well-being and to a country’s economic development, yet according to the International Energy Agency(IEA), globally 1.2 billion people lack access to electricity. It’s thought that around 95 percent of these people are in either sub-Saharan Africa or developing Asia, with 80 percent in rural areas. Ethereum-based platform ImpactPPA is attempting to turn on the lights using … Read More

ImpactPPA announces blockchain platform to disrupt energy finance

ImpactPPA announces blockchain platform to disrupt energy finance Decentralized energy platform company, ImpactPPA today announced the launch of its blockchain technology to disrupt renewable energy finance and accelerate global clean energy production. ImpactPPA’s platform and tokenization model allows users of the software, the “SmartPPA,” to rapidly fund and deploy clean energy solutions, including wind and solar, by using the crowd … Read More

9 Social Good Blockchain Companies You Should Get Behind

There’s a lot of recent hype surrounding blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and get-rich-quick schemes, but it’s important to recognize that blockchain’s powerful technological capabilities are also capable of implementing worldwide social change. Here are nine companies using the blockchain platform to make the world a better place: Impact PPA Growth in the renewable energy sector is essential for the human race to … Read More

How the technology behind bitcoin could change your life

One of the many buzzwords in technology is “blockchain” – the technology underpinning the bitcoin craze. While bitcoin is the flash of the moment, there’s growing excitement about how this concept can move beyond digital currency and affect people’s lives. Simply put, blockchain is like a ledger book that can be group-edited by people in the cloud. There’s no central company or … Read More

ImpactPPA bringing blockchain to renewable energy finance

The platform and tokenization model allows SmartPPA users to fund and deploy clean energy solutions by using the crowd and blockchain to manage and track and track generation data with NRG, its new energy token.A two-token model is being used. MPAQ is a base token used by community members to fund projects. NRG is purchased by energy consumers and is … Read More