9 Social Good Blockchain Companies You Should Get Behind

There’s a lot of recent hype surrounding blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and get-rich-quick schemes, but it’s important to recognize that blockchain’s powerful technological capabilities are also capable of implementing worldwide social change. Here are nine companies using the blockchain platform to make the world a better place:

  • Impact PPA

Growth in the renewable energy sector is essential for the human race to survive climate change, and access to electricity such growth provides could be life-altering for communities who currently lack adequate power to run hospitals or water sanitation facilities. But financing renewable energy projects has historically been difficult, lengthy, and bureaucratic.

Impact PPA uses blockchain tokens to democratize renewable energy funding into a far lower-friction, faster model. In the Impact PPA ecosystem, a dedicated token can be allocated by its purchasers to fund renewable energy projects. The projects then generate their own energy-representing tokens, which are paid back into the ecosystem as users purchase electricity.

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